Klokun – Sweet Water Springs

Several kilometers south of our dive center underground springs nourish the sea with fresh water from the Biokovo mountains.

This constant supply leads to a speciose dive site with many fascinating colors and plenty of opportunities to explore a rich underwater world.

distance / travel time: 30min

type: separated rocks, fresh water springs

GPS Coordinate: 43°13′N 17°06′E

Kamena – The Rocks

South of Tučepi lies Kamena, a dive site for everybody. Rookies, as well as experienced divers will enjoy their dives there.

The marine life ranges from large schools of small fish typical for the Adriatic sea, to crabs, golden sponges and octopi. There is one large rock with a length of 30m.

The surrounding reef ranges from a depth of 1m down to beyond 25m.

distance / travel time: 15min

type: separated rocks, reef

GPS Coordinate: 43°15′N 17°03′E

Garma – The Rocks

1km south of Tučepi lies the headland Garma from which two 40m long reefs stretch out. Along the reefs lie many smaller rocks.

Large schools of fish, octopi and zooanthids can be found there.

Many small caves in the rocks are occupied by marine animals and give divers plenty opportunities to make exciting discoveries.

distance / travel time: 20min

type: separated rocks, ideal for beginners

GPS Coordinate: 43°14′N 17°03′E


This dive site lies north of Tučepi in the open sea. After a descent at the anchor rope you will find two large rocks at depths ranging from 18m to 33m.

These reefs are home to sea hares, octopi, and large schools of fish, as well as many other marine animals.

distance / travel time: 10min

type: separated rocks, open water

GPS Coordinate: 43°16′N 17°02′E


Nugal is a long stretched beach north of Tučepi, including three different dive spots.

All three are characterized by drop-offs ranging from depths of 12m to 38m with reefs full of marine life.

Large schools of small fish, octopi and sometimes even sea-horses can be found here.

distance / travel time: 25min

type: drop-off, separated rocks

GPS Coordinate: 43°16′N 17°01′E


With its many large sweet water springs, Vrulja is a dive site that has something to offer to everyone.

Besides its tremendous colors, it is characterized by many underwater canyons and small caves that house a vast variety of species.

Vrulja guarantees an exciting dive even to Trimix-divers as it is 100m deep at some places.

distance / travel time: 90min

type: sweet water springs, separated rocks and canyons

GPS Coordinate: 43°23′N 16°53′E

Video Vrulja Canyon:

Butterfly Diving Speed boat Papillon

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