We offer courses according to CMAS standards to ensure safety and pleasure while diving.

Our program ranges from beginner courses to diving instructor qualifications.

Beginner courses

CMAS* diving course including 5 dives

In this course you will learn the basics of open water scuba diving.

You will get introduced to the equipment in a comfortable environment before you go for your first dive at the beach.

You will further have short, interesting in-class lectures in our modern facilities, followed by easy, beautiful dives with one of our instructors.

After four days (5 open water dives) you will be a certified diver.

The certificate is accepted at dive centers worldwide.

For this course you will need a medical statement certifying that you are able to dive.

CMAS Advanced courses

CMAS** diving course

In this advanced course you will learn additional skills to independently lead a buddy-team or a small group of divers.

This, underwater navigation and leadership skills in scuba diving are key aspects in this course.

Requirements for taking the CMAS** course are the specialties group leadership, navigation, and first aid/oxygen administration, CMAS* (or equivalent), minimum 16 years of age, an 25 logged dives.

The course includes an interesting in-class lecture as well as 5 open water dives.

CMAS*** diving course

As completion of this course allows you to dive with beginners, its core elements are leadership in scuba diving as well as rescue diving.

Hence, the CMAS*** is the link between open water divers and instructor.

Requirements for this course are CMAS** (or equivalent), min. 18 years of age, 65 logged dives, the specialties rescue diver & night diver.

The consists of 8 hours of in class lectures and 5 open water dives.