Tec –  Courses

Tec –  Advanced

This course allows for longer dives with a preplanned decompression.

By using Nitrox for the ascend, the deco-time can be significantly shortened.

The goal of this course is to allow the participant to safely plan and perform decompression-dives with two Nitrox mixtures and one breathing gas change.


medical certificate, CMAS *** / Divemaster, 18 years of age, completion of a basic Nitrox course.

This course will teach you the handling of buoy, reel, spool, stage (additional deco-tank) and double-tanks for depths of up to 40m.

It further includes learning and practicing to calculate and perform decompression.

IAC Trimix 60m/ 197 feet (Normoxic)

Trimix is a mixture of oxygen, helium, and nitrogen.

It is used for diving in depths beyond 40m/131feet to avoid nitrogen narcosis.

The goal of this course is to allow the participant to safely plan and perform Normoxic Trimix dives with depths of up to 60m/197feet, with two decompression-gasses.


CMAS *** / Divemaster, 18 years of age, completion of an Tec – advanced course, and a minimum of 100 logged dives.

This course will teach you during 4 dives and approximately 8 hours of in-class theory the safe diving with Normoxic Trimix.

During the course you will use stage tanks, reel spool and deco-buoy.

IAC Trimix 100m/328feet (Full Trimix)

The aim of this course is safe planning and performing Trimix dives to max. 100m, with more than two decompression gases. Travel gas and gas for the decompression and the ascent.

Course Prerequisite:

CMAS is 3 * / DM, 18, Tec Advanced, Trimix 60m and 200 dives.

In this course, in four dives and about 8h theory you will learn what you need for safe diving with trimix up to 100m depth.

Theory content:

Diving physiology and psychology of deep diving / Decompressions method / Decompression software / etc. Stages, reel, spool and deco buoy will be used during this course.

IAC Gasblender

Completion of this course will allow you to blend Nitrox mixtures for recreational diving.

It will teach you everything you need to know about safely blending your own Nitrox.


CMAS * / OWD, 18 years of age. You will actually practice the safe handling of oxygen and the correct preparation of Nitrox blends used in recreational diving.

In approximately 8 hours of in-class theory, you will learn about all important aspects of Nitrogen blending.

CCR Inspiration Level 1 40m/ 131feet

This course will give you a fascinating introduction to diving with a closed circuit rebreather system.

You will learn about the disctinct features of the CCR “Inspiration” as well as how to dive with it.

Completion of this course will allow you to buy or rent a Buddy Inspiration and to peform dives up to 40m/ 131feet of depths with it.


AOWD or equivalent, 50 logged dives, Nitrox Diver, 18 years of age.

Besides your studying and preparation from home, the course takes approximately 4-5 days.

During this time you will have in-class theory, pool exercises, and at least 5 hours diving with the CCR “Inspiration”.

A valid health certificate for diving is required for all courses.