Here you will get the information about sea kayaking tours, kayaking introductions, where to rent a kayak and where to go by kayak. 

Kayaking introduction & tour Makarska Riviera

In the basic kayaking introduction you will learn the basics about the kayak handling.

  • How to navigate.
  • How to paddle.
  • How to get back in kayak in the deep water.
  • How to get out of the kayak by a up side down turned kayak
    and much more!
  • Sea kayaking tour at the Makarska Riviera about 4h

In the trip is included kayak, swimming stop, guide and fruits.
Please take care that you will have enough sun protection and drinking water with you!

Kayak for rent

When you rent the kayak you can discover the beauty of the Makarska Riviera by your self by kayaking along the cost of the beautiful adriatic sea.
You can rent the Sea kayak for the hole day from 10am – 6pm or just for the half day from 10am – 2pm or from 2pm – 6pm.

Please note:

Book you kayak advanture minimum one or two days in advanced in the Butterfly Diving Center Tučepi at the Harbor of Tučepi!
With all kayaks are coming kayaking swimming vests.
Swimmimg vests for childen are available.
Our kayaks are sea kayaks or touring kayaks with sprayskirts because of that they are very easy to handle in waves.

Please be aware about to bring enough sun protection and drinking water with you.
You will find more information under:

Please contact us via contact form.

Kayaking at the islands Hvar and Brač!

Kayaking price list


Kayak basic course + kayak tour around 4 h 55,00
Kayak rent for 2h 15,00
Kayak rent from 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm 22,00
Kayak rent from 10am – 6pm 35,00
Double kayak rent for 2 h, (2 person) 30,00
Double kayak rent for 4 h, 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm, (2 person) 40,00
Double kayak rent for 8 h, 10am – 6pm, (2 person) 55,00