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Discover Scuba Diving
Your First dive incl. equipment400.0055.00
Your 2nd dive from the beach incl. equipment, guide380.0052.00
Your 2nd dive from the boat incl. Equipment, guide450.0062.00
Your 2nd and 3rd dive from the boat incl. 2
dives, equipment, snack and drinking water690.0094.00
Scuba Diving Update from the beach250.0035.00
Diving Courses
IAC Junior Diver */ Junior Scuba Diver **1600.00219.00
IAC Basic Diver2200.00299.00
CMAS* inkl. 5 dives & equipment2990.00399.00
IAC Junior OWD / IAC Open Water Diver incl. 4 dives & equipment
IAC AOWD incl.6 dives, group., deep., Navi., first aid2200.00299.00
IAC Dive Leader  incl. 5 dives2500.00349.00
IAC Dive Leader prof.  incl. 5 dives2250.00310.00
Dives from the boat / Beach dives
Daytrip incl. 2 dives, air, weights, snack and drinking water
Snorkelling tour including snack and drinking water250.0035.00
“Sun Set Diving” incl. 1 dive, bottle, air and weights270.0037.00
One dive from the boat incl. air, bottle and weights270.0037.00
Beach dive incl. air and weights160.0023.00
Night dive beach incl. air and weights200.0029.00
Suex scooter introduction from the beach260.0038.00
Scooter snorkeling incl. Equip. Scooter and Snorkeling-trip450.0062.00
Diving Packages
Dive package 6, six dives from the boat1250.00169.00
Dive package 10, ten dives from the boat1990.00269.00
Dive package 14, fourteen dives from the boat2750.00375.00
Extra cost for 3th dive on the daytrip200.0029.00
Navigation, incl. 4 dives1290.00169.00
Leading a group, incl. 4 dives1290.00169.00
Night diving, incl. 2 dives from the beach710.0099.00
Deep diver, incl. 2 dives710.0099.00
Emergency First Response710.0099.00
Rescue diver, incl. 2 dives1350.00179.00
Nitrox 1, incl. 2 dives1190.00159.00
Nitrox 2,“ Advanced“, incl. 5 dives2250.00310.00
Drysuit, incl. 2 dives with own drysuit950.00129.00
Scooter course incl. 2 dives1090.00149.00
Tec-Diving Courses
Introductory dive Buddy Inspiration570.0079.00
User course CCR Inspiration 40m4900.00690.00
Unit including tanks and tank fills420.0059.00
Open circuit Tec Fundamental 4 TG2250.00310.00
Open circuit Tec Advanced 6 dives excl. Gases2950.00399.00
Open circuit Trimix  60m 6 dives excl. gases4890.00659.00
Open circuit Trimix 100m 6 dives excl. Gases5900.00799.00
Gasblender course710.0099.00
Tec-Guide per dive excl. Gases and dive sorb150.0022.00
Equipment rental per day
Full set150.0022.00
Mask, fins, snorkel40.006.00
Dive computer40.006.00
15 liter tank30.004.00
Double pack 2x 15 liter tank incl. Air filling60.008.00
Underwater camera150.0022.00
Suex underwater scooter Suex per day200.0030.00
Nitrox and helium fillings
Oxygen per liter0.150.02
Helium per liter0.400.06
Divesorb 1Kg42.006.00
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