Dive sites at the island Brač

Purple bay Brač
Purple bay consists of four drop-offs, each of them a separate dive site. The rough walls with their many holes and notches are home to a wide variety of marine plants and animals, such as scorpionfish, sea fans, gold sponges and many more. If you’re lucky you can even see the spotted shark there, which is very impressive with it’s length of approximately 1.20m.

  • distance / travel time: 60min
  • type: drop-off
  • GPS Coordinate: 43°19′N 16°53′E

On the northern Coast of the island Brač a beautiful and versatile dive site awaits you.

Zvirje has to offer a drop off down to a maximum depth of approximately 47 meters, canyons, stone pillars, and chrystal-clear water.

Besides golden sponges its also home to large schools of smaller fish as well well as bream.

  • At approximately 40m there is also a small cave in the drop-off.
  • distance / travel time: 1h 25min
  • type: drop-off
  • GPS Coordinate: 43°20′N 16°51′E

Tičiji Rat

The plateau of Tičiji Rat is starting at a depth of 15m and is going down on a wall to 40m. A second plateau on the east site is starting at 45m down to 60m, this part is only for tec- divers but also very nice. At the end of the dive you return back over the sandy plateau to the boat. If you’re lucky you can even see a cat shark there but you can also find snails, sponges and swarms of fish.

  • distance / travel time: 80min
  • type: wall / plateau
  • GPS Coordinate: 43°09′N 16°50′E

With its stony reefs, Selce has to offer two very beautiful and exciting dive spots. Down to 35m, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the small caves, notches and holes, and the animals occupying them. Among them are congereels, scorpionfish, and undulate rays.

  • distance / travel time: 60min
  • type: reef
  • GPS Coordinate: 43°09′N 16°55′E

Amphoras Hvar
In the north of the island Hvar, right in front of a stony reef with many small caves, a long field with old amphoras stretches along depths of 12m to 28m. The amphoras belonged to a Greek ship that ran aground and lost its cargo. Now they offer shelter to many fish. The neighboring seagrass-fields on the other hand are home to many sea-slugs.

  • distance / travel time: 60min
  • type: reef
  • GPS Coordinate: 43°08′N 17°01′E

Smočiguzica is located in the chanel betwen Island Hvar and Brač. Smočiguzica is a deep wall down to about 50m. Normally the boat is parked in the bay and the dive is starting at the cap in shallow depth from 3-5m. The wall is going in the direction of island Brač. There is a plateau ranging from 10m to 17m on the way back. Swarms of fish, many gorgeoussponges, and soft corals can be found on the wall during every dive.

  • distance / travel time: 60min
  • type: reef / wall
  • GPS Coordinate: 43°13′N 16°34′E

Snail Haven
Snail Haven is a reef, which is located on the north east side of the Island Hvar.The reef you can dive between 5 – 35m. All kinds of Snails and shoals of fishes can be found there. The reef is very diversified with small columns, caves and steep walls.

  • distance / travel time: 60min
  • type: reef / steep wall
  • GPS Coordinate: 43 ° 09′N 16 ° 55′E

Zala Luka
The dive site Zala Luka is in the channel between Brač and Hvar. The wall is in a depth of 30 – 50m. All species of fish, sea fans and snails can be seen here.

  • distance / travel time: 60min
  • type: reef / wall
  • GPS Coordinate:  43 ° 12′N 16 ° 39′E


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